Trump Keeps Campaign Promise: Puts Voters in Pittsburgh before Foreigners in Paris

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Today, Donald Trump announced that the United States would be leaving the Paris Accord. In doing so, he kept one of his key campaign promises to the American people. Trump explained that the Paris Accord had a terrible impact upon jobs in America. Under the accord, the United States would lose much of its clean coal production. However, countries like China would be allowed to grow their coal production. Trump said that the Paris Accord was exporting American jobs overseas.

Trump also stated that the Paris Accord was completely unfair to America. He said that billions of dollars would be transferred from the United States and sent to foreign countries. These foreign countries that are benefited by the outgoing foreign dollars are countries that have extremely aggressive trade policies against the United States and do not participate in the global war on terror. Trump said that prior to him taking office, Obama transferred a billion dollars from funds dedicated to fighting the war on terror and gave it away to foreign countries under the Paris Accord.

Trump said that the Paris Accord had no benefit for America. He said that we are withdrawing from the Accord and that we will re-negotiate a deal that is more favorable. If the world refuses to negotiate, the United States is better off having no deal then having a one-sided deal that punishes the United States and rewards others.

Both Vice-President Pence and Secretary Pruitt also spoke about the benefit of withdrawing from the Paris Accord.

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