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Chris Dixon is a liberty activist and writer from Maine. In addition to being Managing Editor for the Liberty Conservative, he also writes the Bangor Daily News blog "Undercover Porcupine" and for sports website Cleatgeeks.
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What if presidential electors are no longer bound?

The presidential election was a battle between populist emotion and a moderate establishment. While the pundits, journalists, and political elite all declared Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had the election in the bag, this turned out not to be the case. And it wasn’t even close. Sort of. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, the bombastic businessman with a talent for upset, walked away with the electoral vote. He kicked down the doors at Democratic strongholds and knocked prediction models off their axis. Clinton supporters wept, Democrats were left speechless, and the pollsters defeated. How did this happen? At President Barack Obama’s… Keep Reading

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Trump’s Taiwan call exposes American elite’s affinity for China

All indications at this point seem to suggest that President Donald Trump is going to pull the rug out from beneath the norm. Regardless of what politicians he appoints to positions, his own actions will be what shakes the foundations of conventional thought. While many suspected this, the political elite has much to be concerned about at this point. The party just might be over. Recently, President-elect Donald Trump had a phone conversation with Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen. It was an innocent conversation of congratulations, a cordial exchange of pleasantries. Given our country’s supposed preference for democracy and diplomacy, this should… Keep Reading

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Senator Rand Paul calls out Pro-Petraeus Republicans on their hypocrisy

Though not as forward as his father, former Texas Congressman Ron Paul, Senator Rand Paul has carved out a reputation all his own. He surged into the United States Senate several years ago riding the Tea Party wave with a boost from his father’s libertarian base. In the years since, he has sought to accommodate the Republican establishment and ease his way into the party mainstream. It has been with mixed results. But one end result is in establishing his own commanding presence that Republicans across ideological divides listen to. The trend among partisan politics in America politics shows parties… Keep Reading

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Why pardoning Edward Snowden is important to American history

Over the last several years, the debate over whistleblowers in society has intensified. Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden currently lives in exile, unable to return home because of what he leaked. While in all technicality he did break the law, sometimes morality is greater than legality. The programs he exposed confirmed the suspicions of many and painted a more vivid picture of the nightmares we long imagined. We are being watched like criminals without a criminal conviction, our data is being intercepted as if we’re terrorists without committing a terrorist act, and all of this information is being stored without… Keep Reading

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“Buy America” legislation is the wrong way to put America first

A large part of Donald Trump’s stunning upset against Hillary Clinton was the rise of the working class American who has long been left behind by the political elite. Overbearing regulations and high taxation drive good jobs out of the country, where businesses can get the job done for cheaper. Now that the controversial Republican businessman has gone from longshot to President-elect, expect more discussion regarding stopping the outsourcing of jobs and bringing work back home. “Buy America” legislation is again front and center in Congress. Although Republicans often adopt the America First rhetoric, it is the Democrats who are… Keep Reading

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Police using CIA-financed tool to monitor social media posts

In 1949, English author George Orwell published what would go on to be one of his most well-known works, Nineteen Eighty-Four. The story would help shape the term “Orwellian”, which refers to a massive surveillance state as depicted in the novel. “Big Brother” would become a symbol for a watchful and invasive government. At the time, it was a fiction novel. Overtime, it has gradually become more factual. Today, one could say it is – in a way – nonfiction or realistic fiction. Keep Reading

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The lesson America never learned from the Internment Camp precedent

There has been a great deal of attention during the recently-concluded election cycle about the supposed racism of President-elect Donald Trump. The talk of a southern border wall and making Mexico pay for it, rapists and murderers trickling in from Mexico, and a Muslim ban have been huge contributing stories this cycle. It was for these reasons that many not only expected the Republican President-elect to fail, but to fail miserably. Donald Trump is now the President-elect, however. Keep Reading

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Dishonest Dan Rather attacks Donald Trump’s honesty

Anyone who has watched the news regularly in the last few decades and knows about the history of American journalism knows the name Dan Rather. For twenty-four years, the anchor was the face of CBS Evening News. From 1981 to 2005, he brought the news into homes of Americans everywhere, covering major events ranging from the early days of the Reagan Administration through the Iraq War. Rather has widely been considered an influential news anchor for decades. That is, until his fall in 2005 after a controversy involving a false story and forged documents. The Killian Documents controversy unfolded in… Keep Reading

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Should flag burning be a crime?

Donald Trump has done it countless times with social media this election cycle. With one firing of a 140 character tweet, a controversy is ignited and the country erupts. This time, it was with the issue of flag burning. The timing is interesting, given it hasn’t been an enormous problem this year and it hasn’t come up this cycle. Yet he suggested it should be a crime punishable by jail or loss of citizenship. With such a radical proposal, the debate regarding flag burning is again ignited. Keep Reading

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Mitt Romney shows us again why he’s a failed leader

The former Massachusetts Governor and two time presidential candidate Mitt Romney still can’t go away. In 2008, he first ran for the Republican nomination and was out by February. In 2012, he gave it another swing and after some questionable maneuvers throughout the primary, he strong-armed former Congressman Ron Paul for the nomination. And America still said no. So why would America listen again? 2016 has given us a great deal to be amused by and even more to fear. The election cycle was a circus. On the Democrats, a war hero was left behind as a socialist career politician… Keep Reading

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Mitt Romney embodies the reason why Donald Trump won

This has been a bizarre and unpredictable election cycle that has taken a number of unforeseen turns. All of these wild months later, Republican Donald Trump is the President-Elect preparing to inherit the free world in January. Just as they failed to predict the results of the general election, pundits still fail to understand why President-Elect Donald Trump came to be. Are most Americans misogynistic racists, as the mainstream media would lead us all to believe? Most certainly not. Keep Reading

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Why term limits will not fix our political problems

Corruption in government is a given in any society. As human beings, some are more susceptible to kickbacks and more easily enticed by perks. This is how people like Republican United States Senator Susan Collins run for office pledging to serve only two terms and end up hanging around for much longer. Warriors go to the capitol to fight for the people and instead find out that D.C. is a beautiful way of life. So how do we prevent this? How does society prevent entrenched politicians from sinking our government functions? Keep Reading

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Senator Rand Paul’s greater point in opposing Rudy Giuliani and John Bolton

Senator Rand Paul may have the reputation of being a coalition builder who will work with all sides when possible, but he can also be problematic to his own party’s mainstream as well. The Trump Administration is beginning to take shape as the transition team led by Vice President-Elect Mike Pence starts appointing people to jobs. Two jobs are down, with Republican National Committee chair Reince Priebus being named White House Chief of Staff and Breitbart News executive chairman Stephen Bannon being named chief strategist and senior counselor. Many more jobs have yet to be filled, however. Keep Reading

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Why Jim Webb should be Secretary of Defense

The formation of the Donald Trump Administration is underway. Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus has been named White House Chief of Staff and Breitbart News executive chairman Stephen Bannon will be chief strategist and senior counselor. While these are big steps forward for the early molding of what the Trump Administration will look like, there is still a lot left to be taken care of. One of the larger roles to be filled is Secretary of Defense. Keep Reading

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Independent United States Senator urges focus on Trump policies, not Stephen Bannon

The appointment of Breitbart News executive chairman to Chief Strategist and senior counselor to the upcoming Trump Administration has triggered thunderous outrage from the American left. Progressive and liberal activists have sounded the alarm on his apparent white supremacist associations and support for bigotry. Democratic politicians are outraged over the apparent damage to the White House legacy. All of these people on the left seem to share a universal hatred of Breitbart, as well. Independent United States Senator Angus King of Maine has a different perspective. Keep Reading

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The Walking Dead’s 90 minutes of gun control for Alexandria

The Walking Dead has been a huge hit for cable network AMC. The comic book adaptation tells the story of a post-apocalyptic world where zombies have overrun the world. Governments have fallen, leaving pockets of survivors to cope with the new world. It speaks a lot to the human experience. The zombie genre itself has been no stranger to social commentary, more prominently speaking to the times through George A. Romero’s films about the undead such as Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead. Tonight’s episode spoke to a prominent debate occurring in America now. Moderate spoilers… Keep Reading

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The Party of Robert Byrd slams Donald Trump for pushing a white supremacist

It’s actually happening. The presidential administration of Donald Trump is taking form a week after the controversial businessman shocked the world with his stunning upset. Republican National Committee chair Reince Priebus was hired to be White House Chief of Staff after days of speculation, and then another shock announcement was made. Steve Bannon, the executive chairman of Breitbart News was hired to be the chief strategist and senior counselor to the Trump Administration. Keep Reading

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Should Americans be afraid of the Presidency?

If we were to compare the Presidency as originally designed at ratification and what has become of the Presidency overtime, there would be two conflicting images presented. In the case of the former, an executive with limited powers was created. The President would be responsible for ensuring the law is executed, being commander-in-chief of the military, and representing our nation in foreign matters. The Constitution narrowly defined the role of the President of the United States. The founding fathers clearly didn’t want a king. Keep Reading

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The alternate universe of President-Elect Bernie Sanders

For months, the election was all but decided. Hillary Clinton had it in the bag and resources were being focused down ballot. With decade old audio recordings being leaked alongside the usual conduct, Donald Trump was only digging his hole. Pollsters were carrying the water for the Democratic Party, presenting poll after poll showing this race wasn’t even a contest and that it would be a landslide. Keep Reading

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Does federal marijuana prohibition override state legalization efforts?

The struggle over states’ rights versus federal control is as much philosophical as it is political. Since before the ratification of the Constitution and the early days of the American Revolution, prominent historical figures debated the proper way to separate power and just how much freedom people should have from their government. Would a strong central government be preferable to the safety and security of society, or would a limited government with a strong emphasis on control by the people work better? The biggest test of federal control is the topic of marijuana. For decades now, various states have legalized… Keep Reading

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BREAKING: Donald Trump wins as voters decide to Make America Great Again!

Months of electoral chaos, endless controversy, and furious insults have ended with the American people making their decision. Republican Party presidential candidate Donald Trump has been elected as the next President of the United States, in a stunning upset after many pundits had said this was Hillary Clinton’s coronation night. Trump’s improbable rise this election cycle has left the political mainstream and elite mystified. Since the early days of the wide open battle in Iowa, many had declared the controversial businessman to be a fringe candidate without a prayer. As he knocked other candidates out of the race and accumulated… Keep Reading

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Will Maine opting out of Refugee Program help Trump win Second District?

As the country enters the final stretch of the presidential election, Republican Governor and Donald Trump supporter Paul LePage has again turned focus on immigration policy. Governor LePage, who has in the past joined Congressman Bruce Poliquin in voicing concern over unscreened Syrian refugees, has opted Maine out of the Federal Refugee Program. In a press release sent out by his office, Governor LePage repeated concerns over unscreened refugees. It also referred to a conference call with state officials where federal officials from multiple federal agencies stated their goal to increase number of refugees coming into the United States for the next… Keep Reading

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How Donald Trump exposed America’s one party system

The mainstream narrative of American politics speaks of a duel between two opposing parties. The Republican Party represents conservatism and the Democratic Party represents liberalism. With that classification, politics almost seems simple. How do third parties even exist at that point? But this summary of the political system is a lie. There are two political parties in the Democrats and Republicans, but they essentially exist as one. Issues like the surveillance state, endless spending, and perpetual war illustrate this. Former President George W. Bush took advantage of the 9/11 terrorist attack to significantly expand the surveillance state, something that President Barack Obama… Keep Reading

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Trump tax return leak again exposes Democrats as hypocrites

The New York Times broke huge news for the presidential election by leaking tax returns for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. To this point, Trump has refused to uphold a tradition of presidential candidates by not releasing his tax returns. Democrats have used this as a major talking point for months and floated various conspiracy theories. Does Donald Trump pay his taxes? Does Donald Trump have questionable foreign connections? What about other questionable schemes? The paranoia has been quite creative. Now the moment came and we now know there is a legitimate possibility that the controversial businessman-turned-influential politician went almost… Keep Reading

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Police kill six year old white child, no White Lives Matter riots ensue

Much has been made of the racial tension in the mainstream media lately, specifically with the treatment of African Americans by the police and justice system. Looking at statistical figures, there is a clear issue involving race. But does that make one race more important than the others? Black Lives Matter and other black supremacists have rioted a number of times after shooting incidents that result in the death of an African American. To be clear, death is a tragedy and aggression is wrong. The skin color of the victim doesn’t change anything. Black supremacists would lead us to believe… Keep Reading

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Senator Bernie Sanders’ establishment revolution

Senator Bernie Sanders made waves over the last year for leading a progressive revolt against the Democratic establishment. Much like former Congressman Ron Paul did in the Republican Party, Senator Sanders awakened an army of philosophical young people who hold a lot of anger and resentment towards the system – although there is certainly a clear difference between the two belief systems. Paul believes in less government and more empowerment of the individual, whereas Senator Sanders believes that the government is the answer. There is also a difference  in how their respective revolutions wrapped up the primary. To this day,… Keep Reading

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Another school shooting highlights the need to let teachers carry

Another school shooting has occurred, this time at an elementary school in South Carolina. It’s an unfortunate tragedy anytime an act of violence occurs, but it’s particularly devastating when children are involved. In a year that has seen incidents such as the one at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, it is sure to become a hot political topic. The response to the shooting will likely be the same as any other. Conservatives will respond by standing by gun rights and sending thoughts and prayers to the victims. Liberals will mock the thoughts and prayers, and then waste no time politicizing… Keep Reading

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What the national backlash against Governor LePage says about America

Maine Republican Governor Paul LePage is a controversial figure, not just in his home state but nationally, as well. His statements and actions have earned him both national and even international attention a number of times during his time as Governor. Most recently, he has landed in hot water over comments about drug dealers being of a certain race. The injection of race has earned him widespread criticism, including allegations that he is racist and mentally unstable. Ultimately, these actions have led to many pundits and liberal activists comparing him to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. The comparison to Trump… Keep Reading

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Blame Rand Paul for not being on the debate stage

For libertarians, this has been a difficult year. After years of building and preparing, Senator Rand Paul fell short in the Republican presidential primary. Not only did he fall short, but he was barely a blip on the radar in the Iowa caucus vote. In the time since, the alternative proposed by the Libertarian Party is Gary Johnson, who has been criticized by many more harder line libertarians for not being in line with principles. Debates about Johnson aside, there is a clear absence of a staunch libertarian in the race. The social media response to the first presidential debate by many… Keep Reading

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Why Clinton has more to lose in the debates than Trump

The presidential debates between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton are what we’ve long waited for. The sniping from rally podiums and through reporters is taking a backseat to the candidates coming together on stage. How will it turn out? Many assume that the debate stage is Hillary Clinton’s moment to shine. To a degree, there is logic to this assumption. She has a long career in politics and thus has had more time to live the game. She understands what is acceptable and what isn’t, has become better refined, and ultimately is tempered. Her opponent, on the other… Keep Reading

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Where are the riots led by violent White Lives Matter thugs?

We live in dark times in America and the outrage abroad is justified. The government is spying on its citizens, exiling whistleblowers, and the justice system is out of control. Statistics show us that, to a degree, there is a race problem, with African Americans more likely to be arrested for certain offenses. While this is true, the fact has been exploited to perpetuate violence abroad. Black supremacy group Black Lives Matter and like-minded groups and activists have exploited multiple tragedies to create social unrest. Whether it be Ferguson or Charlotte, the response to an innocent African American human being shot… Keep Reading

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Trump vs. Clinton: First Presidential Debate Live Stream

The first general election debate is here: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will face off Monday, September 26, at 9 pm Eastern for 90 minutes — no breaks. Watch the debate live here on The Liberty Conservative. Let us know in the comments section what you’re thinking. Who’s winning? What did you think of each candidate’s answers? What was the best zinger of the night? Keep Reading

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White Lives Matter

There’s been a lot of talk in the news recently about race, racial tension, and race relations in general. With rioting organizations like Black Lives Matter causing violence in the name of equality, there has been an emphasis on the discrimination against African Americans. Does racism exist? It absolutely does. Unfortunately, in a human world full of prejudice and emotion, nobody is going to be perfect. Not everyone will be pure. We do our best to deter it. But the implication is that racism is only towards African Americans and not against any other race. This is false. While shootings… Keep Reading

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Clinton’s millennial outreach attempt backfire shows why they don’t like her

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton struggles to catch on with regular Americans. While her poll numbers have generally kept her slightly ahead of her Republican opponent, her unfavorability ratings remain high while general trust in her honest ability remains low. This shows her poll numbers have less to do with her strength and more to do with concerns about Donald Trump. Even on that point, though, Trump is gaining ground on his Democratic opponent. One key demographic that Clinton is struggling with is millennials. Young people this election cycle are leaning more towards third party candidates, whether it be Libertarian… Keep Reading

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Seattle Mariners suspend catcher for speaking against violent Charlotte riots

2016 will go down as one of the most controversial election seasons in recent memory. The last few years for America have been tumultuous, rampant with unrest and vitriol. From Ferguson to Charlotte, as well as disrupted political events along the way, violence has become a norm even among those on the left who claim to oppose it. Now in North Carolina, riots are breaking out just as they did in Ferguson. So-called “protesters” are taking advantage of a bad situation to create social unrest and turn innocent members of the community into victims. It’s the same narrative as in Ferguson,… Keep Reading

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Americans should be outraged over the government, not Chelsea Manning

There has been a debate for years now regarding the impact of Chelsea Manning and whether or not she is a hero or traitor. Manning was prosecuted for leaking numerous classified materials and diplomatic cables to Wikileaks. While traditionally opposed to the protection of big government, conservatives have been mixed on the Manning issue – especially military and veteran Americans, who claim that Manning endangered lives overseas. It may or may not be true that the leaks endangered the lives of soldiers. Stirring up outrage against the United States of America by leaking things such as the Collateral Murder video… Keep Reading

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The legendary revolutionaries of the National Football League

The world is certainly a dark place. War is neverending, poverty still haunts much of the world, and injustice is strong even in the free world. The United States of America is supposed to be a beacon of hope and freedom for the world to see, or so the story goes. But the truth about what the country has become is hardly a fairy tale. Citizens are overtaxed so the government can drop bombs abroad and kill innocent civilians in drone strikes. The government spies on its own citizens and intercepts digital data. Police corruption is real and the justice… Keep Reading

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Bad political campaigns are ruining the liberty movement

Former Texas Congressman Ron Paul liked to discuss the importance of education and note that the movement was bigger than any one presidential campaign. Twice he tried to secure the Republican presidential nomination and was rejected by a party full of neoconservatives. Despite failing to capture the nomination, Paul did succeed in launching a movement. Libertarians and those who lean towards the philosophy found themselves united and networking. Liberty candidates ran for offices from the municipal level straight up to federal, with varying degrees of success. The liberty movement became alive and grew stronger. But in some ways, it is… Keep Reading

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What terrorism poll numbers say about Clinton and Trump

Terrorism has become a growing topic in recent years. The post-9/11 era has become defined by a fear of various threats abroad from those who would seek to destroy us. First, it was Al Qaeda, and we invaded Afghanistan to avenge the many fallen Americans. This occurred with widespread support from a wounded and scared country, living in fear after the biggest terrorist attack in our history. It’s been almost fifteen years, though, and for many years people forgot what it was like that day. The broken emotion of seeing those towers up in smoke, knowing that many people perished… Keep Reading

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Nancy Pelosi blames third parties for Clinton’s falling poll numbers

It hasn’t been a good few weeks for the Democratic presidential candidate. When the news first broke that the Federal Bureau of Investigation wouldn’t press charges against Clinton over the e-mail controversy, it appeared that the issue was put to rest. However, as revelations from Wikileaks and the FBI have continued to come forward this summer, the issue has been revived to an even greater degree. Health concerns have also continued to grow amid Hillary’s severe and uncontrollable coughing fits coupled with near fainting at a public ceremony. Continued deception by the Clinton campaign, including lying and covering up Clinton’s… Keep Reading

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George Takei should become a libertarian

George Takei is an actor best known for playing Hikaru Sulu on Star Trek and has more recently become a famous Internet personality. He is a personable human being with a great sense of humor. He is one who also makes his political views known, which to a degree, are interesting. He is a Democrat and a vocal supporter of the party. Takei, who is openly gay, also has the unique and unfortunate experience of living in an internment camp. Traditionally in American politics, the LGBT crowd are known for being fairly liberal and registered Democrat. A lot of this… Keep Reading

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Why is the media covering up Hillary Clinton’s Birtherism?

The Birther issue has arisen again. The idea that President Barack Obama is not a natural-born citizen of the United States has long been a lingering conspiracy theory on the fringes of the right, traditionally holding little weight on mainstream political discourse. Donald Trump, now the Republican presidential nominee, has taken up the issue in the past and put it front and center. Now it’s come back to haunt him, with liberal opponents looking to hang him with it. The problem is that the Birther issue is completely misrepresented. It didn’t start with Trump and it’s not a theory exclusive… Keep Reading

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Why the United States keeps failing to stop terrorism

The threat of terrorism has been a growing problem. Even though an attack of the magnitude of 9/11 has not been replicated, the idea that terrorism has diminished is ignorant. Shootings connected to terrorist organizations have occurred both domestically and in foreign countries like France. The shootings in San Bernardino, California, and Paris, France both included explosives, as well. Now this weekend, a series of explosions in New Jersey and New York have investigators concerned a terror cell is alive and well in the two states. Despite the fact that we’ve deployed our military in foreign lands, have drones regularly… Keep Reading

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Guns are bad, unless they’re defending Hillary Clinton

The leftwing narrative on guns is fairly straightforward: they’re all bad. According to liberals, people don’t kill people, but guns do. For this, both the mental health and personal actions of violent individuals are secondary to the tool. When it came to tragic shootings like Sandy Hook and the Pulse night club, it was near instantaneous that the political calls for gun control began. Liberals would say that guns are violent and bad, and they most certainly should be eliminated. Unless they’re protecting Hillary Clinton.   Republican presidential Donald Trump has mastered the art of controversy this election cycle, but… Keep Reading

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Has Donald Trump really worsened the Republican Party?

By now, the gap between the conservative grassroots and the Republican elite has been well illustrated. Controversial businessman Donald Trump ran away with the primary and got more votes than anyone else in primary history, yet is more widely hated in the political mainstream than any other Republican nominee in recent history. Neoconservatives and moderates could stomach former President George W. Bush and his number two in command Dick Cheney, as well as Senator John McCain and Mitt Romney. But Donald Trump? Unthinkable. Mainstream Republicans have long portrayed this year as the apocalypse, stating the Republican Party is in some… Keep Reading

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Former CIA officer delivers some hard truth about 9/11 meaning

September 11, 2001 is a day that will live on forever in human history. From a completely historical standpoint, it was an attack of unprecedented magnitude that rattled not only the country, but the world. From a political stand point, it would become a constant subject evoked in defense of numerous domestic and foreign policies. For a brief moment in time, it stood as a moment of unity for a wounded country and, every year since, has marked a time for remembrance. But what does that day and every anniversary since really say about America? Every year, social media lights… Keep Reading

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How LGBT and religious right can coexist

In recent years, the rise of the LGBT fight has ignited a bitter feud with the religious right. Unaccepting of the LGBT lifestyle, the religious right has sought to use the force of government to combat it. Attempts range from wanting to pass constitutional amendments to define marriage as one-man one-woman, to limiting various rights of those within the LGBT community. The religious right has also voiced a concern regarding the LGBT crowd forcing the lifestyle upon them. To many observers, it appears that the two crowds cannot coexist. But this is incorrect. Many LGBT individuals and supporters, like those… Keep Reading

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Edward Snowden should be pardoned

The story of Edward Snowden is well-known at this point and even now captured in a new Hollywood film. A concerned citizen gained knowledge to countless programs and activities by the United States government that violate the rights and privacy of American citizens everywhere. In leaking this information, he was forced to flee the country and leave his entire life behind. The ongoing debate since has been whether or not he is a traitor, with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump believing that he is, and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton who wants to see him prosecuted. The political elite have… Keep Reading

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Former DNC chair wants backup plan because of Clinton’s health

The ongoing saga regarding the health of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton continues. Like with her e-mail controversy, the health issue becomes worse with each passing denial that anything is wrong. From severe coughing fits and nearly fainting to becoming apparently overheated, there are now multiple red flags being raised. But like with the passage of time in the e-mail controversy, we’re learning new things regarding her health. And now it’s not just conservative pundits and Republican politicians raising concerns. Former Democratic National Committee chair Don Fowler has stated the party would be wise to start making back up plans.… Keep Reading

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Senator Rand Paul vs. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on military sales to Saudi Arabia

Foreign policy is always an interesting topic in American politics, and one that is not always black and white. As we remember the victims of the tragic 9/11 terrorist attack, we remember this point. Not everything politically or even militarily abroad is black and white. While we sent our military to Afghanistan on a mission to avenge the fallen, a specific mission would become a global “war on terror” that would expand operations abroad. Included in these expansions of action would be the invasion of Iraq. Among the disturbing revelations to come years later would be the Saudi Arabian connection… Keep Reading

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