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Chris Dixon is a liberty activist and writer from Maine. In addition to being Managing Editor for the Liberty Conservative, he also writes the Bangor Daily News blog "Undercover Porcupine" and for sports website Cleatgeeks.
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President Trump to sign executive order restricting refugees from seven countries

Republican President Donald Trump has been active since he took office last Friday. Wasting no time on priorities and fulfilling campaign promises, he has followed through on slamming the brakes on Obamacare enforcement and stepping up against abortion. If there was any doubt as to what kind of President he would be, these doubts are quickly being erased. Another topic appears to be getting addressed now as well, which is immigration and terrorism. According to reports, President Trump is preparing to sign executive orders restricting immigration from Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. This undoubtedly will cause shockwaves among the… Keep Reading

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The Women’s March and sexist assumptions about abortion views

The Women’s March has been an enormous moment in politics and likely will be remembered by history as a prominent moment in political resistance. Across the country and in the nation’s capital, concerned citizens and angered activists are swarming to allow their voices to be heard. Americans are utilizing their right to assemble and speak freely to protest issues that are important to them. With that said, just because they have the right to free speech doesn’t mean there’s a moral justification to what is being spoken. The women’s march is presented as a moment of defiance against Republican President… Keep Reading

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President Trump reinstates ban on federal money for international abortion groups

Abortion continues to be a heated topic in American political discourse. Especially now as the Women’s March continues in Washington D.C. and across the country, a woman’s supposed right to abort their children is a hot topic. Though the Supreme Court legalized abortion through the controversial Roe v. Wade decision, conservatives have long fought the procedure they claim is murder. As the Administration of Republican President Donald Trump begins the process of rolling out its agenda, conservatives can find some hope in the abortion procedure being stopped. President Trump has reinstated a policy known as the Mexico City policy. First created by… Keep Reading

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The selective outrage over foreign influence in American politics

It almost feels as if the Red Scare is back from the distant pages of history. The dead and gone period has come back for the modern era, with fresh fear of the Russian menace. This time, the nation is gripped with the fear that our presidential election was tampered with. Is President Donald Trump a Russian plant? Was his rise to power aided by a foreign influence, such as the Russian government? The possibilities may very well be there and for many that is a cause for fear. Is this fear justified? Absolutely. American politics should be dictated by… Keep Reading

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Nancy Sinatra rips CNN for lying about her position on Trump using her father’s music

CNN has made a name for itself promoting fake news and being an obvious promoter of the left. While the network and others in the mainstream media have long been labeled as liberal-leaning in their bias, the preference for Hillary Clinton was painfully obvious in last year’s presidential election cycle. Now the propaganda machine is targeting Nancy Sinatra, daughter of the late music legend Frank Sinatra. It was announced prior to the inauguration of Republican President Donald Trump that he would be using Frank Sinatra’s song “My Way.” It’s not unusual for politicians to use songs and have a musician object.… Keep Reading

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President Trump has formally begun the process of withdrawing from Trans-Pacific Partnership

Throughout the campaign cycle, Republican President Donald Trump repeatedly attacked trade deals and pledged to get the United States out of the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership. The trade agreement has been a constant political focus for months, with conservatives and libertarians joining President Trump in opposition. Interestingly enough, it was also opposed by progressives such as Senator Bernie Sanders. Opposition to the agreement provides a unique opportunity for various grassroots movements to unite against the political spectrum. Until now, the only thing left was for the President to follow through on one of his biggest campaign promises. Targeting the Trans-Pacific Partnership… Keep Reading

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Madonna tells Women’s March protesters she thought about blowing up the White House

The outrage against President Donald Trump continues to boil over. The controversial businessman who recently took over the executive branch has triggered liberals and Never Trump Republicans for a year now, but things have recently escalated. Protesters have been in Washington D.C. for the last few days causing property damage and other violent tactics, resulting in numerous arrests. The violent side of the crowds has been reduced to a mere line in the stories as headlines read like peaceful protests. Celebrities and political figures have flocked to these events to seize the opportunity to further divide the country. Amidst all… Keep Reading

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Is Curt Schilling being punished by Baseball Hall of Fame voters for his conservative politics?

In Major League Baseball, the World Series is the big stage and getting there is an incredible feat. Many baseball players have made it, both winning and losing it. While legends have been made by their performances in the Fall Classic, others have been in the events leading up to it. New England and New York sports fans will never forget the 2004 American League Championship series when the Boston Red Sox came back from a 3-0 series deficit to win against the New York Yankees. An unprecedented baseball feat, it has only been accomplished three times in all of the… Keep Reading

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NBC has yet to respond to Saturday Night Live writer’s vicious attack on Barron Trump

The rise of businessman Donald Trump from improbable candidate to President of the United States has triggered an entire movement of political paranoia. His style threatens the emotions of those accustomed to standard politics. Instead of being a cheap plastic face with slick hair and manufactured sound bites, he’s an imperfect image and unregulated personality. For many who require the assurance of uneventful normalcy, this is devastating. The result has been relentless attacks. While it is fair to criticize an individual who enters the arena prepared to take heat, there are boundaries. The unfortunate reality is that sometimes spouses get… Keep Reading

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Is Barack Obama the worst President in United States History?

For years now, the story of Barack Obama’s presidency, according to conservatives, has been extreme. While it’s clear he’s been a terrible President for a multitude of reasons, many would lead us to believe that Obama is the worst President in United States history. This is an extreme assertion and one that is difficult for anyone knowledgeable about history to support. Even for conservative students of history, this is a point that deserves additional review. Is Barack Obama indeed the worst President of United States history? Let’s explore other candidates for the title. Woodrow Wilson is perhaps the father of modern… Keep Reading

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The President Donald Trump era begins

After a year and a half, the longest long shot in American politics has been inaugurated as President of the United States. Republican businessman Donald Trump has officially inherited the White House and the executive branch from Barack Obama, a two-term President and former United States Senator. The months and years ahead will be a rough ride for America in some ways. Democrats appear unwilling to give the President a chance and Republicans are ready for change. Regardless of political affiliation, most can admit that the Trump Administration will bring a new course to American politics. Keep Reading

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The Liberty Conservative associate editor attacked by Anti-Trump protesters

For many, the thought of Donald Trump triggers a bitter and intense reaction. Though many of the Never Trump activists claim to be opposed to the vitriolic and violent rhetoric, there seems to be a growing use of the tactic in their own movement. This has been on full display again in Washington D.C., where the inauguration is mere hours away. Reports have noted numerous arrests have occurred as protesters storm the streets. Protesters are starting fires in the street, shouting obscenities, and otherwise projecting an aggressive and negative presence upon the nation’s capital as the transition of power wraps… Keep Reading

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Contrary to popular hyperbole, Donald Trump is not the end of America

The inauguration is finally near. After a long year of dragged out politics that got nastier than usual, the next President is preparing to inherit the White House. The transition of power is different in some ways, because the incoming top executive lacks the established political background that most politicians have. But as popular narratives said throughout the election from start to finish, Donald Trump was never going to win. But here we are. Commentary from liberal sources and other Never Trump people would lead us to believe that the world is in fact ending. Everyone has their own victim… Keep Reading

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The precedent for pardoning Edward Snowden

The final days of the Obama Administration are upon us. While partisan tensions continue to rise as President-elect Donald Trump inches closer to the White House, President Obama is faced with some last minute decisions. Among those last minute decisions are presidential pardons. The President has the power to grant a pardon for a crime, which is an enormous power. It can be used to correct a wrong by overturning a bad ruling or it can also be used for more political reasons, like issuing a pardon that salvages a legacy. Among the prominent potential pardon recipients is former National… Keep Reading

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CNN commentator describes blacks meeting with Trump as “Mediocre Negroes”

The bias of the mainstream media has been evident for years. The bias has turned to open hostility with the rise of President-elect Donald Trump. The simple liberal slant has turned into a crusade among political commentators and anchors determined to shut down the conservative right. CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill appeared on CNN Tonight as part of a panel discussion hosted by Don Lemon. Hill described Trump diversity team member Bruce LeVell as being apart of a group of “mediocre Negroes.” The remark was made as part of a rant that described members of the Trump diversity team as… Keep Reading

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This Is How Senator Rand Paul Won

In 2016, politics seemed off by most people’s standards. Generally, election cycles start with crowded primaries, thinning down after the Republican and Democratic primary races. At that point, the most moderate candidate in each party sporting the biggest war chest and nicest speech pulls ahead in the race. In the end, manufactured politicians always reign victorious. For libertarians, this wasn’t going to be the case. Even though former Texas Congressman Ron Paul fell short in his hard-fought battle in 2012, the momentum was destined to steamroll through until 2016. This was the year that the liberty movement stormed the political… Keep Reading

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How Chelsea Manning’s treatment discourages Edward Snowden from coming home

A common criticism of former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden is his open refusal to return home and face justice. His refusal to return home and stand trial has long been a point of criticism among opponents. Is it cowardice? Does Snowden have allegiances to other nations? Reports revealed this past week that President Barack Obama was considering giving Chelsea Manning, an Army Private First Class serving a prison sentence for leaking sensitive information to Wikileaks, clemency. While many celebrated this development and began hopeful for the prisoner, others have wondered why Snowden can’t have the same consideration. The… Keep Reading

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Why Donald Trump wasn’t wrong to rebut John Lewis

Once again, the political world has erupted in response to Republican President-elect Donald Trump. Now less than a week out from inauguration, the battle between the White House and Democrats in Congress is heating up. Democrats are already signaling the relationship will be tense with talk of boycotting the inauguration and disrespecting the office currently held for a few more days by their own partisan politician. Now Congressman John Lewis, the Democratic career politician and Civil Rights leader, has stepped up the battle by attacking President-elect Trump as an “illegitimate” President. At that point, the incoming Republican President responded and that… Keep Reading

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CNN lied about using BuzzFeed’s fake news report regarding Trump’s Russian ties

The final weeks of the President Barack Obama’s administration have been marked by a tumultuous transition as the world inches closer to experiencing a Trump administration. Fears over Russian interference within the United States during the presidential election have evolved into full blown hysteria, involving a plot by Russian intelligence to use President-elect Trump as a puppet. Enter BuzzFeed. Keep Reading

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Should Austin Petersen Leave The Libertarian Party?

Speculation is arising that Austin Petersen, the one-time candidate for the Libertarian Party presidential nomination, may soon leave the party. According to his own posts on the Internet, he is not satisfied with the present course of the party and its decisions over the last year. Vice Presidential nominee Bill Weld especially, who Petersen himself criticized, drew a lot of controversy among libertarian activists. The former Massachusetts Governor became an eager Hillary Clinton apologist during the election, positioning himself more as an Evan McMullin-style Never Trump warrior than an actual principled libertarian. Keep Reading

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Is Wikileaks considering a database of verified Twitter users’ personal information?

Wikileaks has been no stranger to controversy over the last year. The whistleblower organization positioned itself at the center of a tumultuous presidential election cycle be leaking information about prominent Democratic officials, allegedly putting itself in favor of President-elect Donald Trump. Through all the Democratic National Committee leaks and the series of Podesta E-mail leaks, it established itself as a transparency force in the new digital era. But it also still faced criticism over its practices. The Democratic National Committee leaks were e-mails among various party officials that exposed a great deal about the party’s inner workings. It had very… Keep Reading

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Will President Obama continue the Bush Post-Presidency example of silence?

These are complicated times for Barack Obama. The President of the United States has been popular among liberals and moderates and seeks to maintain that popularity. He wants to remain a voice for liberalism. At the same time, there is a tradition of ex-Presidents stepping back and allowing the next in line to do their job without interference. Despite the partisan differences and the criticisms of his own policies, George W. Bush remained largely silent and ultimately off-the-radar during the Obama Presidency. It could have been different, however. The former President could have criticized Obama on his lack of commitment… Keep Reading

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How the Never Trump movement legitimized conspiracy theories in the mainstream

A lot has been made of the issue of fake news this election cycle. Social media has helped feed the spread of false stories passed off as legitimate, which have only served to further increase polarized partisan tensions and worsen the political atmosphere. Fake news has even been blamed for a shooting at a pizza restaurant that has been the center of an online conspiracy theory known as “Pizzagate”, which puts John Podesta and the Clinton camp at the center of a pedophile ring centered out of that location. From worsening atmospheres to guns being drawn, the issue of conspiracy… Keep Reading

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The Libertarian Party Believes Ron Paul Is Not A Libertarian

It is often said that political parties are ruining the dignity of American discourse. Instead of discussing policy points, many identify with one of two partisan identities and allow their loyalties to fall in line. Here, policy support shapes around their team and they turn against whatever the other side opposes. It’s shallow. And it is growing worse. The problem with the political arena is that as the investment grows more significantly, so does the need for self-preservation. Political careers mean that principles can take a backseat to the race discussion because nobody is going to make either a name… Keep Reading

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Fort Lauderdale shooting reflects another Gun Free Zone failure

The Second Amendment is among the most controversial topics in society, especially in recent years. With a number of shootings occur, the media and politicking partisans seize on every tragic opportunity to push a failed policy proposal. The idea is that with increased regulation and more difficulty in acquiring firearms, gun violence will decrease. It operates under the assumption that mass murderers and terrorists acquire their weapons through legal channels. In society, concealed carry and even carrying guns at all is under heavy assault from the gun control lobby. The argument here is that Gun Free Zones work and that… Keep Reading

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When the left turned on Wikileaks and abandoned Chelsea Manning

Once upon a time, in a time that feels long ago, the American left was staunchly opposed to war. Former President George W. Bush was an evil man because he sent the United States military into Iraq as part of an invasion based upon lies. The weapons of mass destruction justification for overthrowing Saddam Hussein turned out to be false, as long suspected. It was all a lie and people died. Wikileaks, a whistleblower website that was dedicated to transparency, in an age when governments won’t have any part of it, became a hero of the left for helping expose the Iraq… Keep Reading

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Black Never Trump thugs broadcast live beating of white special needs teenager online

The political landscape has become more emotionally charged than any other point in recent history. The battle between President-elect Donald Trump and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton left many people even experiencing personal conflict over their political choices. President-elect Trump’s unconventional approach to politics left many concerned and even outraged by his words and actions. How will a Trump Administration turn out? One of the common criticisms of President-elect Trump during the presidential election was his use of violent rhetoric and supposed endorsement of aggressive tactics. This signaled a nasty future ahead with a man like him involved in… Keep Reading

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CNN labels Julian Assange a “pedophile” without evidence, Wikileaks responds with legal threat

The mainstream media has faced increasing scrutiny over the last year for its conduct, from both sides of the fence. Liberals allege that too much air time was given to President-elect Donald Trump, implying they legitimized a candidate who never should have taken off, let alone won the presidential election. Conservatives and libertarians suggest the media is still, as they long have been, biased against the right. Despite the difference in allegations, both sides of the spectrum seem to agree there is a credibility issue with the mainstream media. For all the allegations of pushing biased stories or overtly fake news, they have… Keep Reading

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Berlin Christmas market attack again shows why gun control is not the answer to terrorism

Since the Twin Towers fell and the Pentagon was struck fifteen years ago, the United States has lived in fear of the global terrorist threat. As a result of the rise of militant extremism, former President George W. Bush launched the War on Terrorism to combat this threat. Despite this, terrorism, if anything, has grown worse. Across Europe, and even a few times in the United States, terrorists have struck. As the threat of terrorism remains prominent, how do we tackle this issue? The answer sometimes is hard to find, because the mainstream political discussion gets diverted by focus on the… Keep Reading

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CNN’s Anthony Bourdain compares Trump restaurant chefs to Nazi soldiers

This election cycle has certainly been polarizing. With partisan polarization comes extreme rhetoric, outlandish comparisons, and otherwise strongly negative attacks. Celebrities and prominent politicians were endlessly triggered for month by a presidential campaign many were not prepared for. The rise of Republican businessman Donald Trump was something many were not expecting, and now that he’s been elected, the President-Elect’s countdown to inheriting the White House has caused full blown meltdowns across the country. Among those is CNN’s Anthony Bourdain, who hosts “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown.” Keep Reading

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Ron Paul calls out United States’ hypocrisy over meddling in elections

Fear of the Russians has become apart of American politics and culture again. Just like throughout the Cold War, politicians and the media are now feeding fears that the Russian menace is trying to undermine the American way of life. This year, the allegation is that the Russians interfered with the presidential election. This interference occurred with repeated hacks of Democratic Party officials and entities and subsequent release of the information. This arguably swayed the election cycle, both in the primary and general. Even if it were true the Russians were interfering with our own election, do we have a… Keep Reading

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Trump supporter burning down Mississippi church exposed as a hoax

This election has seen America devolve into a worse state of bitter partisanship. Harsh stereotypes about both sides became more prominent than ever before. Republican businessman Donald Trump is a bitter misogynistic racist, despite being friendly with women and people of varying races. Stephen Bannon, the former executive chair of Breitbart News, who will now serve as President-Elect Trump’s Chief Strategist to the President, was deemed a ‘white supremacist’, despite there being little evidence of just that. The ramping up of the negative rhetoric grew worse as the left continued an onslaught of propaganda and negative attacks. The Never Trump… Keep Reading

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If only the rights of everyday Americans mattered as much as Hillary Clinton’s

If there’s one thing that Hillary Clinton allies and supporters established last year, it’s that she was the victim of the year. Nobody in the world has been more targeted and more oppressed than her. Conservative opponents are relentlessly trying to stop a former Secretary of State who before that was a United States Senator and First Lady. To these individuals, her record speaks for itself. She’s established her record. Clinton is above us all. It is for this reason the rules do not apply to her. Chelsea Manning is sitting in prison after releasing classified information to whistleblower website Wikileaks. Before her trial,… Keep Reading

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Should the FBI have waited for Clinton investigation until after the election?

Every election has its defining moments where the flow takes swift turns and everything changes. This year had a number of those moments and they were especially important, given how critical of a cycle we had this year. The successor to President Barack Obama is critical, because it comes down to upholding his legacy or undoing it. Hillary Clinton, a one-time election opponent of the President, would represent a continuation of the liberal agenda. Donald Trump, a political newcomer and lifelong businessman, would represent a departure from many of the President’s key policy points. For this reason, many argued that the… Keep Reading

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Why Gary Johnson didn’t get a single electoral vote

The day finally arrived. The Electoral College drama brought the election to its finale. This was the final stand of the Never Trump crowd, the last stand of the Hillary Clinton camp, and perhaps the final attempt of the Gary Johnson campaign to legitimize itself. Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson ran in 2012 and boosted the Libertarian Party. After the Republican National Committee ran over the campaign of former Congressman Ron Paul with questionable conduct and sketchy procedures, libertarians and conservatives were left looking elsewhere. Come 2016, would Johnson repeat his popularity and even boost it beyond his previous… Keep Reading

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Biased Anti-Trump Reporter lies about Joe Scarborough partying with President-Elect Trump

Partisan tension seems to be growing worse in America. For many conservatives and libertarians, the disdain for establishment moderate Hillary Clinton and the associated left is significant. Similarly, the thorough hatred by the left of anything resembling the right is strong. Democrats and Republicans have typically opposed each other purely because of party label, but ideological divides are growing deeper. A major contributor of this is the political parties who feed off of the partisan fights and bitter feuds. Keeping people divided keeps them in power. Keeping the system rigged for two and keeping additional third parties shut out makes… Keep Reading

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CNN spreads anti-Russian fake story about Moscow school closure

There has been a lot of discussion this year about fake news. The concern among many in society and across numerous political circles is how it will negatively affect our country. Polarization is growing worse and social media is feeding the intense dissension. The Internet is also breathing new life into fake news and giving it legs. Many were alarmed after the alleged Pizzagate story led to a gunman storming a pizza restaurant. Pizzagate involves an alleged child sex trafficking ring that operates out of Comet Ping Pong and Washington D.C. According to the popular Internet theory, it involves top political… Keep Reading

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Matt Drudge speculates the U.S. Government is attacking Drudge Report

The Drudge Report is a popular conservative news website and has been among the right’s most popular Internet sites for decades. Founded by Matt Drudge, it has in the past rattled the Democrats by breaking stories such as Newsweek covering up a story about then-President Bill Clinton having an affair with an intern. Since this time, it has only further cemented itself as one of the biggest conservative news sites on the Internet. Now it has experienced the biggest DDoS attack in its history, according to site founder Matt Drudge. A Denial-of-Service attack occurs when the website servers are overwhelmed… Keep Reading

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The New York Daily News supports the assassination of a Russian diplomat

The world reacted with shock after Russian ambassador Andrei Karlov was gunned down recently. The assassination shook the diplomatic world as it represents an escalation of violence and perhaps a departure from diplomacy itself. Are ambassadors no longer safe from the violence? It’s no secret here in the United States that the Russians are becoming less popular. As the mainstream media and partisan Democrats continue to advance conspiracy theories about sinister interference with our electoral process, simple dislike becomes burning hatred. But does hatred of another country’s policies justify acts of violence against their diplomats? The New York Daily News votes… Keep Reading

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Senator Rand Paul’s 2016 Festivus Airing of Grievances humorously hits more government waste

For Seinfeld fans everywhere, December 23rd is a special holiday known as Festivus. Festivus is a holiday that was created by George Costanza’s father Frank as a holiday alternate to Christmas. It features a number of traditions that essentially parody Christmas and has lived on in popular culture far beyond the show’s conclusion. Senator Rand Paul has made an annual tradition of the Airing of Grievances on Twitter. In the show, the Airing of Grievances involves Frank Costanza literally listing his problems with his family and lashing out with his year’s worth of issues. Senator Paul has turned this into… Keep Reading

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How The “Russians Hacked Us” narrative hurts President Obama’s legacy

As the transition of power from President Barack Obama to President-Elect Donald Trump continues, two storylines remain prominent. First, is the issue of the incoming Trump Administration and its apparent ties to the Russian government. There has been a narrative advanced in the political mainstream that claims the Russians influenced the presidential election and undermined the Democratic Party to help President-elect Trump get elected. The other storyline is the legacy of President Barack Obama. Keep Reading

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How Hillary Clinton admitted Bernie Sanders was the more viable Democrat

Since the stunning loss to Republican Donald Trump in November, Democrats have been left in a state of shock and turmoil. The blame game has resulted in bitter infighting and launching of stones at outside factors. External blame is typically aimed at the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Director James Comey individually, as well as the supposed Russian involvement in leaking their own questionable conduct. Internally, many establishment Democrats and bitter Hillary Clinton supporters are laying blame at the rise of the progressive left as led by Senator Bernie Sanders. Senator Sanders himself did throw his support behind her, but the… Keep Reading

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If officials can leak intelligence to the media, why can’t Snowden come home?

After a tumultuous and heated election cycle, many longed for November simply to bring an end to the hate and vitriol that haunted the contest. Unfortunately, the election came and went with little decrease in the conflict. If anything, the conflict between the two major political parties and dueling mainstream ideologies has grown worse. During the election, a major point of contention was the source of various leaks exposing Democratic organizations and politicians. Primarily through Wikileaks and Guccifer 2.0, these hacked files showed us the inner workings of the Democratic Party. Democrats, in response, accused the Russians of being the… Keep Reading

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Newsweek’s Kurt Eichenwald has on-air meltdown after asked about Trump Fake News

It’s no surprise that American people have lost faith in the mainstream media. For years, they’ve sung praises for their own partisan allies and refused to be impartial reporters of the news. In this election cycle alone, they’ve told us repeatedly about how President-elect Donald Trump was going to lose and this was Hillary Clinton’s election to win. Among these people is Kurt Eichenwald, a senior writer with Newsweek and contributing editor to Vanity Fair, who has made a name for himself attacking Trump relentlessly this past election cycle. Recently, Tucker Carlson had Eichenwald on Fox News for an on-air… Keep Reading

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Sole Republican faithless elector Chris Suprun lied about 9/11 service

The election of Republican businessman Donald Trump as President has ignited a great deal of controversy. Not many outside of the Trump support base expected it, but all the pundits and politicians were proven wrong. The outrage over Hillary Clinton’s defeat and the panic over the future of the United States of America has led people to look to the Electoral College. While the Electoral College tally was compiled after the popular vote occurred, the entity itself has not actually voted yet. As a result, many concerned Never Trump conservatives and bitter liberals are turning to them to reverse course. Can… Keep Reading

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Another court falsely cites a Constitutional right to abort unborn children

The relationship the American court system has with the Constitution is hit or miss. Sometimes they do get things right, but often times, things go wrong. Unfortunately, the court often gets things wrong when America needs them the most. Consider the case of Korematsu v. United States, when an American citizen of Japanese descent was told he had no constitutional protections. Due to wartime hysteria, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt had ordered all Americans of Japanese descent to be rounded up and placed in internment camps. Keep Reading

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Donald Trump’s humiliation of Mitt Romney is complete

President-elect Donald Trump has been a lot of things this election cycle. The longshot candidate-turned-incoming President has turned American politics upside down. Among the number of things he’s done to upset the political establishment is his ability to relentlessly troll the status quo. While not everything he suggests, advocates, or does is right, his ability to drive the norm insane is undeniable. Perhaps the most incredible upset is against the Republican establishment. He wasn’t ever going to be the Republican nominee for President of the United States. He was never supposed to win. From early on, this was former Florida… Keep Reading

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The Party that rigs primaries feigns outrage over election rigging

This election cycle has been bizarre, to say the least. A year and a half ago, it was former Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s nomination to lose. Hillary Clinton was always the constant, but nobody predicted that Senator Bernie Sanders would mount such a strong challenge against the former Secretary of State. When all was said and done, Bush was left behind early in the primaries and Donald Trump is going to be President. How did this happen? The Democratic Party suggests that it was the Russians. During the 2016 election cycle, the party has reinvented itself as the party of… Keep Reading

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Did Russia really meddle in the U.S. presidential elections?

Before the presidential election finally happened, there were a lot of allegations of Russian interference with our internal politics. With each drop of leaks coming from Julian Assange and Wikileaks, the claims grew louder. Did Russia actually meddle with the presidential elections here in the United States? Any country, let alone Russia, would stand to gain a great deal from having a favorable politician in the White House. Foreign policy here in the United States has long been in opposition to Russia and even after the Cold War, many within the government refuse to let go of past grievances. Someone… Keep Reading

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Time Magazine names Donald Trump “Person of the Year”

Time Magazine announced their 2016 Person of the Year this morning. Of all the politicians and figures considered this year, the editorial board gave Republican President-Elect Donald Trump the title. Time Editor Nancy Gibbs noted the unprecedented candidacy of Trump, referring to his unconventional campaign and impact on world events. This is certainly true, given that Trump from the beginning was never supposed to amount to anything. In a race that started out as former Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s to lose, it cycled through the contenders ranging from neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson to Senator Ted Cruz as America lived in… Keep Reading

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